When Our Heart Talk

Assalamu'alaikum. Hi guys!
At this opportunity, I will post about expressing surprise, advice and warn.
1. Surprise
       • What a small world we’re living in!
       • It’s suprising that i get a scholarship!
       • Amazing news
       • That’s something
       • Waw! Fantastic!
2. Advice
       • Let me recommend you to finish your task as soon as possible
       • Why don’t you try the test once again?
       • I suggest you to meet the surgeon
       • You’d better go away from him
       • I think you should forgive her
3. Warn
       • Keep of the grass
       • Caution! The floor is wet
       • Queue up
       • Put in the dry place
       • Keep your desk clean

That's all ^^ hopefully there isn't any mistake in writing. See you in next post

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