Hamster (Report Text)

Hamster is one of the small mammals. They are belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. Their bodies are not smaller than our palm and the biggest hamster is like the rat on the road, depending on its type. Hasmter has a small tail, not as the other rat usually. Hasmter has long incisor like rabbit.

Hamster belongs to nocturnal animal (active at night), so don’t wonder if they are only sleeping all day. Actually hasmter include to active animal. So, if you want to take care of them, keep them in a wide cage. They are so cute and funny, so they can make everyone who see them  happy because of their attitudes.

Hamster can’t live extremely in hot weather, because it can make their fur become fall out. Keep the temperature of their cage and keep it clean by exchange the husk every week or once in three days.

Almost same as the rat, hamster belongs to often-reproduce animal. If they have been aged less than 2 years, they are ready to reproduce. Hamster pregnancy is only fourteen days. The first pregnancy probably produce only two hamster babies. But if they are used to pregnant, they can produce until six hamster babies. If the female had bear, separate the male to avoid going to eat the hamster baby. After two weeks separated, the male is able to be united again with the hamster baby and the female

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